Symposium: Political Parties and Public Law, Leiden 2010

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Political Parties and Public Law: The Netherlands in Comparative Perspective, Leiden University, 25 June

Organizers: Ingrid van Biezen (Political Science) and Hans-Martien ten Napel (Law Faculty), Leiden University

I. Political Parties and Public Law in the Netherlands

Moderator: Henk te Velde (Leiden University)
Remco Nehmelman (Utrecht University) – Lessons from the past: Party Regulation in the Netherlands
Ruud Koole (Leiden University) – New Rules for Political Financing in the Netherlands
Hans Martien ten Napel (Leiden University) – The Dutch Political Reformed Party and Passive Female Suffrage:
       A Comparison of Two High Court Judgments in the Light of Constitutional Theory

Rick Lawson (Leiden University) – Limits to the Freedom of Speech for Politicians and MPs

II. Political Parties and Public Law in Comparative Perspective

Moderator: Petr Kopecky (Leiden University)
Richard S. Katz (Johns Hopkins University) – Democracy and the Legal Regulation of Political Parties
Tim Bale (Sussex University) – So, has it all ended in tears? What really happens when democracies ban parties
Ingrid van Biezen (Leiden University) – The Role of Supra-national Organizations in the Regulation of Parties
Evangelos Kyzirakos, Daniela Piccio & Ekaterina Rashkova (Leiden University) - Legal Regulation of Political Parties: Data and Implications