Party Regulation and Party System Development in Macedonia (1990-2012)

Authors: Taleski, Dane and Casal B?rtoa, Fernando | Published in: working paper series on the legal regulation of political parties, no. 39, February. | Date of publication: 2014

Party regulation in general has not been a matter of concern until very recently (Biezen, 2011; Biezen and Borz, 2012; Casal Bértoa et al., forthcoming). Un fortunately, in the most recent publications in the field scholars have tended to focus on the most consolidated South and East Central European democracies (Biezen and Casal Bértoa, work in progress) leaving aside regions like the Balkans where party regulation has played an important role in terms not only of party system formation but also on democratic transitions. In order to fill this gap, this paper explores how political parties have been regulated in Macedonia. Empirically, the paper analyses how the different types of regulation have affected the Macedonian party system in terms of formation and development. The main conclusion is that such laws have had a mixed impact on the country´s political life.

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