"The Politics of Party Funding", by Michael KoB (book review)

Authors: Fernando Casal B?rtoa | Published in: Acta Politica, v. 47, n. 4, pp. 478-480. | Date of publication: 2013

During the last decade and a half, and especially after the publication of Katz and Mair's (1995) seminal article on the ‘cartel party', literature on the consequences of public funding for party competition has experienced an important increase. However, and despite such profusion of works - both quantitative and qualitative - their findings have been anything but conclusive. It is mainly for this reason that the time has come to change the focus of our studies from, paraphrasing Sartori (1969), the ‘funding of party politics' to ‘the politics of party funding'.
In this context, the book reviewed here constitutes one of the first scholarly attempts to explain variance in party funding regimes.

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